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Our Story

We started Minex 360 over 8 years ago because we believe people should be served better. For us, customers are the reason for our existence. Our passion for technology and good service led us to discovering an opportunity to provide mining technical services for mining companies.

Today, we have grown into an organization that develops innovative software solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems like child security. Our expertise spans from hardware installation on mining equipment to 24/7 onsite mining systems support. We provide 24/7 onsite technical support and fatigue events monitoring for some of the top mining companies in West Africa.

We are a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are providing locally available specialised services to the mining industry in Ghana and West Africa which they will otherwise rely on foreign companies for.


To Harness the power of mobile phones to enhance any industry in which we operate.


We identify areas where people are not served well and innovate solutions to serve them better.

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Let’s partner you in your next Mining Tech Project

Are you considering investing in new mining systems or are your existing systems not delivering the expected results? We will partner and help you through each stage of your new system implementation, from decision making on which technology or vendor to use to deployment of the system and provision of training and support.

For your existing systems, we can ensure that you get value out of your investments by performing a technology audit and providing support that guarantees maximum usage and participation from employees.

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Why you should Choose MineX 360 as your Mine Tech Partner

We are trustworthy

Leading mining companies trust us with mission critical services and we have never failed them.

Well established 24/7 customer support systems

Over 8 years experience with 24/7 Technical Support for leading mining companies in Ghana and West Africa

Customer Focused Solutions

We know one size does not fit all, so we tailor solutions to the exact needs of your organization.

Real Value

We deliver real value that can be measured. We have never disappointed any client in our quality, timelines, expertise etc